Who am I

I am Ralph Kirkland.

I have been working on computers since I stated at Radio Shack in 1982. I can list positions if that helps:

Radio Shack

1982                       Sales

1983-88                Tech Support Specialist

1988-92                Grid Systems Sales Support Engineer

1992-96                AST Computer – Field Service Engineer

1996-2001            Micron Computer – Sales Engineer

2001-Now           Self employed Computer Technician

My focus in on getting you back to whatever position you were in before your computer problem. We can talk before handling problems. I know each situation is different.

I will not tell you it will take two weeks for a repair to push you to buy a new computer.

I will talk with you about possibly needing a new computer if yours is several years old. I will do the repair if you like, or help transfer your data if you do want an upgrade.

I will help you find a new computer if you like. I will offer suggestions if you want to look on your own.

My goal is to help you solve your problem. You are in charge.